Brand New Wild Horses Pack

For 10 Customers Only

Be One of The Very Few To Own A Highly Detailed

Pack of Horses Giving You An Edge In The Market


Normally I would launch a pack where it can be sold to many people over and over again. But I wanted to do something special and create a pack of Wild Horses, limiting it to 10 customers only.

The great thing about the designs is that it's Highly Detailed making sure your business thrives. But why should you still compete with hundreds of other low content business owners?

Think about it this way...it will be you and 9 other people who will have access to this pack which makes competition non-existant.

Below are examples of the quality I'm going for with this pack

Here Is Exactly What Your Getting

  • 30 Highly Detailed Line Drawings

  • 30 Highly Detailed Backgrounds
  • 30 Highly Detailed Backgrounds and Horses
  • 30 Dot - to - Dot of the Horses
  • 30 Spot the Differences of The Horses
  • 30 Colored Horses (Like the Quality Above)
  • 30 Colored Backgrounds
  • 30 Colored Backgrounds and Horses
  • All files which include SVG, PNG and AI source files. :)

What Happens After Purchase?

You'll be emailed a thank you confirmation and added to my special list. And it will be from there that I will email you updates of the pack at each stage of the development. From sketch to vector, color and final delivery. The whole process will take a maximum of 4 weeks. The first update should be a in about a week. I don't want to rush this. I want this to be of immense value to you.

What Rights Do You Have?

You'll have full rights, you can do whatever you want with them. Absolutely anything...think of it as you've designed them. They belong to you. The only thing you CANNOT do is launch it like I do my other packs. It just wouldn't be fair to the other 9 customers.

An Absolute First Come First Served Basis

I was going to do a customer only pack but this would cost $2000. There are others who are charging $500 for 10 line drawings and backgrounds...I've seen people charge way more but I wanted this to be affordable to most and offer immense value at the same time.


This is limited to 10 customers only. Once it's gone, its gone for good.

To Your Success, 

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