Exclusive Bonus for Australian Animals

Kit If You Buy Through My Link

These bonuses are only available for those who purchase the Australian Coloring Pack through my link. Please note that these were going to be part of my a new launch but I decided to offer them as a bonus. These are limited to the purchases made during the promotion period of the Australian Animals Pack through my link.

I've put a lot of effort into this bonus to compliment this beautiful coloring pack and these bonuses are available at no further cost.

You're getting 2 products of which you pay for one. Take a look at the quality of the graphics I have created for you.

Enjoy this fantastic bonus pack I have created for you below...

Bonuses will be available in the w+ portal after purchase

Front End Bonus

Purchase The Front End and You'll Receive
The Front End of my Unreleased Australian Animal Pack

30 Line Drawings

First Upsell Bonus

Purchase The FIRST UPSELL and You'll Receive
The FIRST UPSELL of my Australian Pack

30 Background Drawings

30 Background and Character Drawings

Second Upsell Bonus

Purchase The Second UPSELL You'll Receive
The second UPSELL of my Driving Animal Pack

30 Connect the Dot Images

30 Trace Images

Third Upsell Bonus

Purchase The Third UPSELL You'll Receive

The second UPSELL of my Driving Pack

30 Colored Versions

30 Background Colored Versions


Your Bonuses Will Be Available in The Download Area ONLY WHEN YOU USE my Link Below To Make a Purchase

Bonuses will be available in the w+ portal after purchase

Hurry thou as these bonuses will be pulled and never available again after the 16th November 11:59 PM EST